About Us

As a family-owned restaurant, we offer the best Mexican food in Jacksonville FL. Our dishes come from time-honored, traditional recipes that our family has loved for decades.

With our reliance on authentic ingredients and a select grouping of recipes, we specialize in making entrees offering the best-tasting Mexican food for locals and tourists in the area.

Ole will satisfy your appetite in a casual dining environment that is smoke-free, and our staff is patient, friendly, and helpful!

Here at Ole, we make our day about the food as well as the customer, providing excellence in service and taste.

Our authentic mexican menu is freshly prepared with braised, grilled, or fried meats and vegetables, the toppings of your choice, the finest ingredients, signature sauces, delicious sides, and the best tasting tortillas.

We have great weekley specials and entertainment that adds to the atmosphere for a relaxing night out.

9921 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Phone: (904)-721-2131

Fax: (904)-721-2176

Email: info@olemexjax.com

Hours of Operation:

Saturday:   11AM–11PM
Sunday:   11AM–9PM
Monday:   11AM–10PM
Tuesday:   11AM–10PM
Wednesday:   11AM–10PM
Thursday:   11AM–10PM
Friday:   11AM–11PM